What do people say?

"I have been suffering health issues for the last 10 years: hormonal imbalances, weight gain, gut problems (sibo, constipation), lack of energy,severe hair loss, brain fog, insomnia, night sweats, painful menstruations, breast pain..

I spent years visiting many doctors and following treatments that only made me worse (laxatives, hormones,..) After losing my faith in traditional medicine, I worked with many practitioners, I tried many diets and supplement protocols for years with very low success either, I spent huge amounts of money and energy with very little improvement, I was eating really healthy every single day, doing all I was told to do and I feeling miserable anyway. I felt no one could tell me was happening to me. I never gave up and I continued with healthy habits, but I felt lost about what to try next.

Elliot started helping remotely only two months ago and I have improved MORE in two months than in the last ten years, he was able to see the whole picture of my case and tell me incredibly fast what could be happening. He ran a couple of specific functional test for me and his theory was confirmed.

I feel so much better in all aspects, I digest faster, I tolerate more foods, my bowel function has improved a lot, I sleep better, I have less symptoms due to hormonal imbalances, my period pain it has reduced 80%. We still have work to do but I am sure he will take me where I need, to optimal health.

I am glad I found someone with this level of knowledge, dedication, passion and work capacity. He’s very smart and also extremely kind and empathic. Thank you Elliot!!"



When I found Elliot I had already gone through 4 years of working with a functional medicine doctor and had spent lots of time reading and listening to all the big guys in the field to try to find answers and treatment options for my health issues. Although some things made some symptoms better, most treatments just made me worse and no one could really tell why or what was at the root of my problems and why I reacted so badly to things that made other people better.


Just reading Elliot's articles gave me a lot of new puzzle pieces that where able to explain why my body was behaving this way. I contacted him and it was the best decision I have ever made for my health. Together we have worked out a treatment plan that I feel safe following. After many bad experience with other practitioners advise I question Everything but Elliot has always been able to answer and explain why he is recommending something for me specifically. He is also honest about it when he does not know enough about something to be able to give me recommendation on what to do, truly following the ”first do no harm”-principle rather than being to proud to admit that he does not know everything (something I have found common in medical doctors). This made me dare to do some radical changes that have created radical improvements in my health, the most obvious one being adopting a zero carb diet where he has been an excellent guide to this totally new way of eating.

Elliot is genuinely interested in finding answers to my health issues, he is helpful, respectful, easy to reach, and is a very good coach- I always feel more uplifted and hopeful after a zoom consultation! He is also very clever, not afraid of being controversial and have a lot of deep knowledge in areas that are yet not well known in most of the functional medicine community. If you have tried to work with your health but not made enough progress and feel stuck you should really give him a chance to help you find your way forward!


Josefin - Sweden

I've worked with Elliot for just over 3 months now over skype and through email, and I'm so impressed with him as a practitioner. He's given me some very thorough protocols that I've been able to keep up with because he checked in with me first to see what I was willing and able to do. He's incredibly knowledgeable, and explains why he's prescribing particular supplements and practices so I know what their function is, which is really helpful with motivation! He's a good listener, and I can tell he carefully takes into consideration the information I've shared with him about my history of physical, mental/emotional health, and circumstances in childhood and beyond.


I'm very grateful that I'm working with Elliiot, as I've worked with many practitioners who have not had the scope of knowledge, compassion, and willingness to dig deep that he has. I'm feeling a shift in my energy and mental clarity that I haven't experienced in a long time, and I attribute a huge part of that to working with Elliot Overton.



48 year old artist and mother

West Sussex - UK

Suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, digestive issues, low mood and energy I came across Elliot to help me with the diet side, because they say you are what you eat! I was very impressed and grateful of Elliot’s knowledge not only with food but also other important lifestyle changes that help to your over all wellbeing. I really believe Elliot’s knowledge and insight is light years ahead of mainstream practises. His passion, kindness and understanding really shows through our work together. I highly recommend him to everyone’



Pippi - UK  

I have been seeing Elliot for a number of months now and he has been a star. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has given great advice and guidance on diet modification and supplementation. He has also offered plenty of fantastic ongoing support. This has been instrumental in helping my recovery from Interstitial cystitis. I cannot recommend EONutrition highly enough.



James - UK  

Elliot found easy and straight forward solutions to improving my health by looking a things which the nhs doesn’t consider to be an issue.
Elliot is very approachable and easy to work with, very thorough and knowledgeable. I would happily recommend Elliot.



Rebecca - UK  


EONutrition helped me discover the issues that were preventing me from making progress in my health journey. I sought out Elliot after watching an interview with him about oxalates. A light bulb went off and I decided to give a zero carb (carnivore) diet a try, however I was still not getting the results I was seeking. I contacted Elliot and with a few minor tweaks to my diet, some investigative testing, and addressing sleep issues, he helped me identify the culprits. Within a very short period of time the weight I was trying to lose literally melted off my body and my energy levels, mental clarity, focus and sleep all improved. It was all effortless.


Most importantly, I now understand my body’s specific needs and how to address them. Elliot’s services have truly been refreshing and helpful. His demeanor is compassionate and caring and he has extensive knowledge of nutrition and health. I highly recommend his services. 


Caitlin - USA