As a regular co-host on SOTT Radio Networks' "The Health and Wellness Show", I occasionally get the opportunity to interview world-experts in various fields of science relating the health. Below are some of the interviews I have conducted.

Scott Ogrin

Scott Ogrin

WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and soon 5G - we are living in a time of complete saturation of wireless signals. We're literally bathed in these frequencies 24 hours a day, from cradle to grave. But is this exposure safe? Official government bodies say yes, it's perfectly safe, and they back these assurances with seemingly solid scientific studies. This perspective is widely propagated and anyone raising concerns about wireless exposures is usually dismissed as a nutcase. But what if the very standard of measurement used in these studies is completely wrong? 

On this episode we're joined by Scottie of who has gone through the scientific research to get to the bottom of the question: What the heck is this technology doing to us? It turns out there is a great deal of research showing the harmful effects of wireless exposure that goes well beyond the red herrings used in studies "proving" its safety.  

Stephanie Seneff PhD

Dr Stephanie Seneff

Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT.
In recent years, Dr. Seneff has focused her research interests back towards biology. She is concentrating mainly on the relationship between nutrition and health. Since 2011, she has published over two dozen papers in various medical and health-related journals on topics such as modern day diseases (e.g., Alzheimer, autism, cardiovascular diseases), analysis and search of databases of drug side effects using NLP techniques, and the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health. 

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Dr Alexander Wunsch

How important is sunlight for the human body? Can it act as an energy source? And what are the biological consequences of living under artificial lights? 

Dr Alexander Wunsch, a world leading expert in light medicine and photobiology, shares with us his extensive knowledge of light's effects on biological systems. Aside from conducting research, Dr Wunsch utilizes a wide range of therapeutic treatments including chromotherapy, vibrational medicine and Cranio-Sacral body work at his private clinical practice in Heidelberg, Germany. Join us for this exciting episode of the Health and Wellness Show where we'll discuss the necessity of natural light sources for maintaining health, the importance of adhering to chronobiological and circadian cycles and the toxic effects of artificial light exposure. 

Alexander Wunsch MD

Dr Jack Kruse

Dr Jack Kruse

Join us for a brain-splitting follow up talk with Dr. Jack Kruse of Cold Thermogenesis, and Leptin Prescription fame.


We'll talk about the the Quantlet, food as electrons, human photosynthesis, circadian biology, DHA, the intricacies of mitochondria and how their function is the key to optimal health. Do you have skin in the game?