Through working individually with people on a one-to-one basis, I incorporate the principles of naturopathic philosophy, nutritional science, and functional medicine into a holistic formula which can be practically applied to people's lives. I attempt to pair complex scientific research with frank common-sense to provide long-term, sustainable solutions for people looking to regain health and vitality. My approach is based on the notion that the human body possesses an innate intelligence, and when provided with the correct raw materials and environmental conditions, it is able to correct most problems itself.

Although my technical specialism is in nutrition, solely focusing on changing your diet is likely not enough to effectively manage an established health condition. To achieve the best results, a truly holistic approach to your lifestyle is necessary. This encompasses making changes to the foods you eat, but also the way that you eat and the timing of your meals. Furthermore, it also involves adopting ways to manage daily stress and optimise your sleep quality and quantity. Nutrition is no antidote to a sedentary lifestyle, or in contrast, a routine which involves over-training and unnecessary physical stress. The appropriate implementation of botanical (herbal) support can also yield benefits in many scenarios. These are all factors which I take into consideration when working with clients, and often need to each be addressed simultaneously to facilitate healing. 


Although modern western medicine is truly successful at providing acute care (such as when someone breaks their leg), its track-record in treating chronic illness is frankly very poor. And why might this be? Because orthodox medicine is often too focused on treating symptoms and does not investigate the root causes.


For example, instead of probing to understand why someone suffers from constipation, patients are frequently just prescribed a laxative. 

Unfortunately, the cumulative effects of this approach result in people being prescribed multiple combinations of medications to counteract the side-effects of one another. It ultimately does not "fix" anything. 

Alternatively, the naturopathic approach interprets symptoms as useful information which is communicated by the body to signal that something is out of balance.  Instead of just aiming to suppress symptoms, it is important to identify the underlying root cause/imbalance which causes those symptoms to manifest in the first place. By addressing the root cause, symptoms may naturally dissipate on their own. 


Many physiological imbalances are related to the way that certain things function inside the body. A wide variety of processes involved in digestion, absorption, energy production, detoxification, and regeneration require certain conditions to function well. If they do not have access to vital resources, or they are overburdened with disruptive factors, then the ability to perform their function declines.


An invaluable tool that I use with my clients is specialised testing which can be performed (via stool, urine, saliva, and blood analysis) to assess how well certain things are functioning. This information can be used to identify potential imbalances or extra needs so that a therapeutic protocol can be devised based on the individual's biochemistry. This kind of individualised therapy is based on the principles of "Functional Medicine".