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What is Functional Medicine?

Investigating the root causes of chronic illness!

Although modern western medicine is truly successful at providing acute care (such as when someone breaks their leg), its track-record in treating chronic illness is frankly quite poor. And why might this be? Because orthodox medicine is primarily focused on symptom management.


For example, instead of probing to understand why someone suffers from constipation, patients are frequently just prescribed a laxative. Unfortunately, the cumulative effects of this approach result in people being prescribed multiple combinations of medications to counteract the side-effects of one another. Symptom management equates to symptom suppression. 

Instead of just aiming to suppress symptoms, it is important to identify the underlying root cause/imbalance which causes those symptoms to manifest in the first place. By addressing the root cause, symptoms may naturally dissipate on their own. And this this where functional medicine comes in.

Functional medicine can serve to identify the driving factors behind chronic disease through comprehensive case assessment and appropriate testing. We can then work to address any imbalances through utilizing the following tools:


Dietary Modification
Sleep & Circadian Hygiene
Nutraceutical & Nutrient Intervention
Movement &

Focused Areas

Dietary Modification
  • Identification & removal of inflammatory dietary components

  • Learning to eat foods compatible with human physiology & ancestral principles

Circadian Hygiene
  • Natural light exposure at the correct times of day

  • Mitigating artificial light exposure 

  • Meal timings and movement to promote circadian regulation

  • Strategies for stress management

  • Reducing overall burden of stress through healthy habits and lifestyle modification 

Lifestyle Management
  • Identification of previous and on-going toxic exposures

  • Supporting clearance and detoxification of environmental pollutants through targeted methods

Detoxification Support
  • Testing & identification of nutrient insufficiency

  • Individualized nutrient repletion where necessary

  • Mega-dose protocols to support energy metabolism 

Nutraceutical Support
  • Guidance on specific types of exercise evaluated on a case-by-case basis

  • Research-based recommendations

Intelligent Movement

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