• Please note, EONUTRITION is currently NOT taking on new clients. 

  • You must first sign up to the portal system linked below, input your basic contact information, and then you can book an appointment. The portal shows appointments in the UK time zone.

  • You will be instructed to provide details of your presenting health concerns, medical history, past treatment approaches, and other details of your case. This is a critical piece of information and must be completed at least three days before your appointment.

  • You will also have the option of uploading any past medical/nutritional testing you have previously completed.









We ask that you please be respectful of our cancellation policies stated below as a courtesy to us as well as others in the practice. Our desire is to best serve our clients. Last-minute cancellations/re-scheduling impact our ability to offer comprehensive holistic care to clients efficiently and effectively.

  • A minimum of 3 days' notice is required for cancellations.

  • If cancellation is less than three days before your appointment, 50% of the deposit will be non-refundable.

  • Any no-show appointments will be billed at 100% of the anticipated appointment cost. This fee is non-refundable and will not be credited toward any future appointment.

  • Please note, if you do cannot attend your appointment due to a misunderstanding relating to time zones and you do not give 3 days' notice, the deposit is non-refundable. The portal shows appointments in the UK time zone.

  • Portal information must be completed at least 3 days before your session. This information is critical to your appointment. If it is not completed you will need to reschedule your appointment and your deposit will be non-refundable. 

  • We understand that emergencies and unexpected circumstances do happen, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule appointments when possible in a timely fashion.

  • Deposits are refundable providing 3 or more days notice is given. Please be aware 3% is deducted from your refund to cover processing fees. 


  • The initial consultation will last for 90 minutes. You will be expected to have filled out all the necessary portal forms before your appointment.  

  • During the consultation, I will ask a variety of questions that relate to your symptoms and the functions of different systems of the body. I will also ask questions about your history, your family history, and your overall lifestyle choices. 

  • This comprehensive case-taking is designed to provide me with an approximate picture of your state of health and sets the stage for further investigation if necessary.

  • You will receive a health plan within 4-7 working days detailing steps that you can take to improve your health, along with possible test recommendations, occasionally in more complex cases, this can take a little longer. This will be available on the patient portal. 



  • Follow-ups last for 60 minutes and consist of test result interpretation, monitoring of clinical progress, symptom changes, and a review of your goals.

  • Gaining your feedback allows me to reassess my recommendations and refine clinical protocols to suit your needs. 

  • I will usually recommend that clients book in for a follow-up roughly 3-5 weeks after the initial consultation, and then at 4-6 week intervals after that.

  • It is your responsibility to book yourself in for follow-ups. There is usually a 3-5 week waiting list, so please allow yourself enough time to book in. 


  • Based on your individual symptoms and goals, I may recommend that you undertake private laboratory testing (stool, urine, saliva, or blood).

  • These tests provide me with objective data which is sometimes necessary to formulate more individualized and targeted therapeutic advice.

  • The specific details of which test I recommend and the instructions of how to do so will be provided during the consultation. Testing costs are not included in the consultation fee.