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Nutritional Therapist​ & Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Elliot Overton DipCNM CFMP

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Learn about Elliot

For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by alternative healing methods and traditional herbal medicine. After developing some minor health issues of my own after an extended back-packing trip through Asia,  I decided to take responsibility and began researching ways by which I could find resolution without the use of pharmaceutical medications. I soon discovered that the solution to my problems was rooted in nutrition and basic lifestyle principles. 

My own experience, and the experience of those close to me, demonstrated the power of nutritional intervention. My success in improving my own health journey inspired me to study nutrition at a professional standard so that I could go on to help others along the way. I trained as a nutritional therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in the UK, and later gained a qualification in Functional Medicine. 


I am now currently undertaking an Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic & Functional Medicine with A4M.

My approach to tackling health complaints 

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Through working individually with people on a one-to-one basis, I incorporate the principles of naturopathic philosophy, nutritional science, and functional medicine into a holistic formula which can be practically applied to people's lives.

I attempt to pair complex scientific research with frank common-sense to provide long-term, sustainable solutions for people looking to regain health and vitality. My approach is based on the notion that the human body possesses an innate intelligence, and when provided with the correct raw materials and environmental conditions, it is able to correct most problems itself.

Although my technical specialism is in nutrition, solely focusing on changing your diet is likely not enough to effectively manage an established health condition. To achieve the best results, a truly holistic approach to your lifestyle is necessary. This encompasses making changes to the foods you eat, but also the way that you eat and the timing of your meals. Furthermore, it also involves adopting ways to manage daily stress and optimise your sleep quality and quantity. Nutrition is no antidote to a sedentary lifestyle, or in contrast, a routine which involves over-training and unnecessary physical stress. The appropriate implementation of botanical (herbal) support can also yield benefits in many scenarios. These are all factors which I take into consideration when working with clients, and often need to each be addressed simultaneously to facilitate healing. 

What I can do for you

  • Provide guidance and advice on lifestyle and nutritional changes you can make to improve your health

  • Advise you on nutritional and nutraceutical supplementation based on your health condition and individual requirements

  • Interpret nutritional, functional, toxicological, and some conventional medical testing to provide you with information on your health status

  • Offer on-going support and guide you in non-medical therapies

What I can not do for you

  • Diagnose you with any medical condition, because I am not a medical doctor

  • Provide you with medical advice or "treatment"

  • Provide you with any therapy intended to replace standard medical care

  • Offer any therapy to "cure" you

  • Interpret vast amounts of genetic data

  • Write detailed diet plans for each day of the week that you can follow

Health conditions & people I do not work with

  • Cancer of any kind - current disease

  • Anorexia and other current eating disorders

  • Kidney disease - current disease

  • Vegans, strict vegetarians, or any other meat/animal-free diets

  • Night-shift workers who are unwilling to change their work schedule

  • People who are not willing to radically change their diet and lifestyle

Want to know more about whether I can support you?


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Schedule your free 15 minute chat to introduce yourself and ask me any questions about how I work
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